Students Celebrate Black History Month with Performance

  • The Black History Month choir sings “Follow the Drinking Gourd” at the Parkway North High Black History Month Celebration, founded in 2009 by PNH 2012 graduate Julissa M. Powell. This celebration took place on Feb. 28 - March 1, 2018.
  • Junior Nadirah Walker performs a dance tribute entitled “Change Gone Come” in celebration of Black History.
  • During the first act, senior Jourdyn Brooks, junior Nailah Banks, senior Easter Sailele, senior Chu-In Bonkougou and junior Deloyne Graham perform a celebration entitled “Before We Were Slaves.” This act featured “West African Griot”, “Ancient Kings & Queens”, and an African dance.
  • Juniors Joy Smith and Lon’Yeah Jackson recite dialogue in act 12 entitled “2 Women” while wearing t-shirts that read ‘Black Girl Magic’. This dialogue was about the empowerment of African-American people.
  • In a skit during the performance, junior Braniyah Thomas tells a story of her ancestors to celebrate their past.
  • Seniors Jourdyn Brooks and Easter Sailele, and junior Nailah Banks perform during the final act. “I got involved because it’s a part of my culture and wanted to learn more about it and be as involved as I can,” said Brooks who was also a part of the planning committee, along with seniors Chu-In Bonkougou and Kaley Harris.
  • Junior Deloyne Graham recites dialogue along with juniors Braniyah Thomas and Brandon Williams for act 13 called “Water.” This dialogue speaks on troubles that Black people face in the world today. “My favorite part of being a part of this celebration was chilling with the cast and learning the lines. We had a lot of fun together,” said Graham.
  • During the final act, sophomores Draya Buckner and Jaylon Gunn sing the National Anthem as each of the BHM cast members began to take a knee behind them. Taking a knee signifies the desire to have a new relationship between all races based on dignity and mutual respect.