What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done on Valentine’s Day?

  • "I asked this guy to be my Valentine's Day date, and then I broke up with him on the same day," freshman Lina Aphonephanh.
  • "My mom makes these heart shaped pancakes in the morning for me, and my sisters and she buys balloons and decorates the kitchen," sophomore Alex King.
  • "I played 'I Spy' because we had free time before a movie. We sat down and Meghan Mudd wanted to play 'I Spy," junior Luke Hertzler.
  • "We had Luke [Hertzler]'s dad drive us around because neither of us had our license, and it was really awkward because his dad was in the front seat," senior Meghan Mudd.
  • "I took my partner out to dinner, but I surprised him because the whole table had been set up with candles. I had a full four course meal planned out, and he thought we were just getting burgers," choir teacher Paul Cereghino.