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Nov 13

Parkway North Receives Green Ribbon School Award for First Time

On Nov. 16, students will lead a group of educators on a tour of Parkway North to highlight Parkway North as one of three nationally-recognized Green Ribbon Schools in Missouri. This is the first year that Parkway North received the Green Ribbon School Award. According to the application Parkway North completed to be considered for …

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Sep 22

Parkway High Schools Participate in Hurricane Relief

Over the month of September, hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and now Maria, struck the United States, killing over a hundred people and causing billions of dollars in damage across multiple states. Even though these disasters may be happening thousands of miles away, they still have a local impact. Dan Finkelstein, a graduate of ‘93 from North …

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Sep 20

Parkway District Moves Graduation Dates to Accommodate All Families

Click on this video to see Fox News’ full coverage of the story.   On Sept. 13, the Parkway School Board voted to move both North and Central’s graduation date to Tuesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 17, respectively, as to not interfere with Sabbath on a Saturday night. Originally, some people in the Jewish …

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Sep 20

Plans For Ice Rink In Creve Coeur Memorial Lake Park Stirs Controversey

  Ice rinks have always been an important part of the St. Louis community. From people gathering to support the Blues hockey team to figure skating at Forest Park, the citizens of St. Louis love the ice. Now, St. Louis residents will have to decide if they want an ice rink in Creve Couer Park. …

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Sep 08

Northeast Middle Presents Single-Gender Class Option for Sixth Graders

As of the 2017-18 school year, parents of sixth graders at Parkway Northeast Middle School were given the option to place their child into new single-gender classes, which were being introduced in the math and science departments. Northeast e-mailed information to parents about the opportunity, stating “Research has shown that during adolescence, girls and boys …

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Sep 06

Renovated Fine Arts Wing Bears Benefits For Students, Teachers

Imagine theatre students using hallways as dressing rooms on opening night, crowded around one mirror. Or art students being unable to release their full creativity due to lack of space. These are just some of the few issues the old fine arts wing presented to both students and teachers. However with the start of the …

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Aug 28

PNH Reacts to New Food Policy

On June 16, 2017, the Parkway School District adopted a new food policy, stating “classrooms should be food free whenever possible” to help prevent allergic reactions. ”Students need to realize that what they do in public space affects others. Whatever [people] are eating, wearing, and saying affect others,” said math teacher Wendy Freebersyser. There has …

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Aug 22

Solar Eclipse Brings Excitement, Unity to North

With glasses in hand, students and teachers from North High conversed anxiously on the on the football field awaiting the total eclipse. As 1:17 p.m. hit, shielded eyes looked toward the sky to see the event of century: the total eclipse. The total solar eclipse, when the Moon fully blocks the Sun, took place on …

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May 18

Spring Choir Concert Celebrates Graduating Seniors

On Wednesday, May 3, the choir had its spring concert. The concert was a time to celebrate the end of a year, as well as honor departing seniors.The concert, held in the upper gym, was a time to honor departing seniors who have spent up to four years in the choir, as well as celebrate …

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May 16

French Students Learn About Politics Through Election

  In times of international concern, it can often be intimidating for people to educate themselves about the issues that are occurring around the world. The events that take place in different places can, many times, be daunting to look at, especially if they require understanding the complexity of another country’s political system. During the …

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