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Norsestar Online is a student publication by Parkway North High School’s student newspaper.  The publication is entirely run by students.  The ideas and opinions in the publication are not the opinion of the district.

Norsestar Staffroshae 3

Hi my name is Roshae Hemmings and I will be this year’s Editor-In-Chief. I joined Norsestar as a sophomore because I had a minute interest in writing, but having been on staff for 3 years, my love for journalism has grown exponentially; I plan to study to study journalism when in college. In addition to journalism, I have a love for martial arts, reality TV, and cooking.ijeoma 2

Hey, my name’s Ijeoma and I’m this years Assistant Editor-in-Chief. One of the biggest reasons I joined newspaper was because I wanted to take my writing skills to new heights. My goal for us this year is to be able to cover more areas of the school than we usually do.sagar 2

My name is Sagar and I’ve been part of the Norsestar team for three years. I work as the “Personality Perfectionist” which means I conduct interviews on students at the end of the week. I joined the newspaper staff because the articles I publish allow me to write on ideas appealing to me rather than sticking to specific topics like we do in English.


madeline 2

My name is Madeline Fischer and I am the marketing genius. I am excited to work on the Norsestar staff for my second year. I love reading and history, and hope to become an ambassador for the U.N. someday. I am a big cardinals fan, and Yadier Molina as my favorite player.

mercedes 2

Hi! I’m Mercedes Nesbit and I am the Divine Designer for Norsestar. I enjoy photography the most and I like to keep an open mind for this year’s class and many more to come!

jayme 2


Hi my name is Jayme Bertish and I am a senior and the Social Media Mogul this year. I chose to be apart of the Newspaper team because I enjoy writing and hope to become a Sports Journalist in the future. Along with writing about sports, I do enjoy writing about other issues and stories so I am really looking to this opportunity to do so. I am very excited to be doing Newspaper this year and I hope you all enjoy my work.

tanner 2


Hi! My name is Tanner Boyd, and I am the Writing Wizard for the Norsestar. Although I was given the choice to join after being recommended by Mr. Beck, the reason I followed through and requested Newspaper 1 was to challenge myself. I enjoy writing as well as planning with others, but I also wanted to try my hand at interviews, photography, and on-site journalism. I consider myself a chill dude.

cassie 2


My name is Cassandra Schoene and I am sophomore cheerleader. This is my first year of newspaper and, as a staff writer, I am super excited to be able to report stories to North High! I will most likely be reporting stories about the environment and problems in and out of school.

sara 2


My name is Sara and I’m a staff writer in my first year of newspaper. I’m really into plays, musicals, concerts, games etc. I’m a junior thespian and am working on getting in the high school troupe. My goal is a grow as a writer by the end of this year.

sereniti 2


I’m Sereniti and I’m the Writing Wizard. It’s my first year and I hope to grow as a journalist. I’m interested in everything related to medicine and I love art, and I hope by the end of the year I will have gotten better and more familiar with journalism.

ellie 2


Hello, I’m Ellie Canizares and I’m a freshman and the Side Dish Czar. I wanted to be part of Norsestar because I think I can provide you with articles based on the latest news. I have an amazing family including my mom, dad, sister and three dogs. Some things I enjoy doing outside of school include being with my friends and family and shopping. I am a hardworker and proud to be part of Norsestar.


Tracy Silvagnoli

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