National Honor Society Sponsors Spring Blood Drive

Senior Megan Tweedie stands by senior Hannah Cearley’s side as she finishes donating blood to people in need.

Students and faculty members at Parkway North donated 39 units of blood during the annual Spring Blood Drive sponsored by National Honor Society on Thursday, March 22.

Fifty Two  people donated blood at the event. This low number usually deviates from the high turnout at the blood drives.

“Spring Break, field trips, and spring sports  were the main cause of the decrease. the winter blood drive had higher rates and more people participated in the drive” said Nilsen”

Each person had a different reason for donating.

“I wanted to help someone in need because I have enough blood and someone is in need of it for sure. My brother Mark Cunningham recommended it to me,” said sophomore Andrew Hexem.

All blood from the drive will go to the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, which is a provider of blood products and services to 88 hospitals in Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Marcus Perez, an MVRBC volunteer, thought a blood drive was a great idea since students get the opportunity to participate in the blood drive and help save lives.

While some people have given blood before and are not nervous about it, others didn’t know what to expect and were more apprehensive.

“Having my first blood drive and donating blood was extremely nerve wracking. I was extremely nervous because all you think of is a needle going into your arm and you think you can’t do it but once you do it it’s nothing. If I had to give advice to an incoming person I would say drink lots of water to be hydrated and be calm and try not to think about it,” said junior Sarah Koutchoukali.

“I was nervous because it’s a scary process, and I refused to let myself think about it. I  distracted myself the whole time but my advice to someone would be to breathe, relax, stay hydrated, and have someone be there with you,” said Hexem.

According to the American Red Cross, “approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the U.S.” The blood drive that comes to Parkway North each year gives students and teachers the opportunity to donate blood to help people who are in need.

Ellie Canizares, Side Dish Czar