Meet Senior Megan Tweedie


What album do you listen to the most right now?
“The Greatest Showman movie album. I’m obsessed with the songs from that movie and it makes me happy when I listen to it.”

What is your favorite holiday?

Would you want to be famous?
“No. I’m not interested in being super rich. I’d rather have a normal life and spend some money helping others.”

What is the first thing you do on Saturday mornings?
“I make breakfast because I can’t during the school week.”

Which pair of shoes that you own is your favorite?
“My Vans.”

What is the worst color?
“Probably orange.”

If you were getting a tattoo, where would you get it?
“I think I would get it on my ankle but I’m not sure.”

What was your favorite year of high school?
“Senior year. I’m taking classes I actually like this year.”

Would you rather play or watch sports?
“Definitely play.”

Sagar Samuel, Profile Perfectionist