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Oct 13

Meet Senior Maria Glasetter

Have you decided what to dress up as for Halloween? I’m not really sure yet but probably a schoolgirl. — If you could speak any language other than English, what would it be? Spanish. It seems handy to learn. — What is one of your pet peeves? It’s so annoying when my mom repeats the …

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Sep 28

Meet Sophomore Natasha Provinse

If you could travel to any planet, which one would it be? Mars. — What continent would you want to live on other than the North America? Asia. — If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? Maria. It sounds really pretty. — What’s your favorite kind of weather? I …

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Sep 14

Meet Senior Jacob Abell

Would you say you’re an extrovert or introvert? Extrovert. — Where do you go to shop for clothes the most? Kohl’s. — Would you rather go rollerblading or ice skating? Rollerblading. Everyone loves disco night. — What’s your favorite fast food restaurant? Steak ‘n Shake. — Would you rather live in the country or the …

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Sep 01

Meet Sophomore Eric Smith

What hobby would you get into if money was not an issue? Definitely skydiving. — If you could have any wild animal as a pet, which one would it be? A polar bear. — What is the worst thing about high school so far? The homework. There’s too much and I know it’s only going …

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Apr 24

Junior Alix Enkel

If you could have a phone from a different company, which one would it be? “I’d probably get a Google phone.” Do you have any allergies? “I’m allergic to dogs, cats, milk, and basically everything under the sun.“ Tell me a joke. “You.“ What is the worst injury you’ve ever had? “I fractured two bones …

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Mar 24

Freshman Alyssa Bray

Who was your first crush? “Zac Efron.” What is your favorite candy? “Hershey’s Chocolate.“ Where do you shop the most? “Lululemon.“ If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be? “Blonde.” What is the last thing that “made you mad”? “My Algebra 2/Trigonometry class. It’s hard.” What is your favorite app …

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Feb 16

Junior Jeffrey Choi

What was the last thing that made you happy? “Spending time with my mother.”   Do you prefer using pens or pencils? “Pencils. With pens, you can’t erase what you wrote. I can erase mistakes with pencils.“   Which subject is your least favorite? “Science because I don’t really want to do anything dealing with …

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Jan 19

Freshman Kenny Isom

What are you looking forward to during this year? “To drink as much soda as I can.” What is the worst thing that’s happened to you last year? “My favorite food became overpriced at Burger King.“ What are your hobbies? “I make things out of wood.“ If you were to win a lifetime supply of …

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Nov 18

Junior Katherine Hanselman

What is your least favorite season? “I like the Fall because Halloween is my favorite holiday and I like when the leaves change colors.” Would you rather have the power to fly or be invisible? “Fly.“ If you could learn any language, which one would it be? “Spanish. I feel like a lot of people …

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Nov 04

Sophomore Joseph Kang

What is your least favorite season? “ Winter because that’s when my allergies don’t react.” Would you rather have the power to fly or be invisible? “Be invisible.“   If you could learn any language, which one would it be? “French.“ What was your favorite kids’ show? “Tom and Jerry.”   What is the first thing …

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