Meet Junior Tayari Goodwin


Have you decided what to dress up as for Halloween?

I don’t really dress up but I don’t have all my Halloween plans ready yet so I’m not really sure.

If you could speak any language other than English, what would it be?

Definitely Spanish.

What is one of your pet peeves?

I hate when people talk with food in their mouth.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would it be?

A tiger.

What is your least favorite movie genre?

Romance. I haven’t watched many romance movies but the ones I did watch, I didn’t like.

What city would you want to live in when you’re older?

Las Vegas.

What is the scariest part about getting older?

I don’t like the thought about my body getting really slow and hurting all the time. I really don’t like knowing that my face is going to get wrinkly, too.

What is the worst season?

Winter. It’s way too cold.

How did last week go for you?

Great. I watched a lot of movies with my friends and I did everything we planned to do. I also got to go to some good restaurants on Thursday and Friday.

Sagar Samuel, Personality Perfectionist