Homecoming Week Comes To A Close With Dance

Junior Abby DeMichieli and seniors Ezra Crisp, Trey Tisone, and Darian Davis dance during homecoming. The dance took place on Oct. 7 in the North High gym.

Spirit week. Pep rally. Soccer game. Parade. Football game.  All of this leads up to the big night: the Homecoming Dance. The dance took place Saturday, Oct. 7 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in North’s upper gym.

The dance this year was a little different because this year, students chose a homecoming court, opposed to solely a king and queen. The Homecoming Court for the junior, sophomore, and freshman classes were announced during the Pep Rally Friday, Oct. 6. The court included freshmen Conner Roy and Kathryn Campbell; sophomores Loralie Borgmann and Isaiah Mays; juniors Reesha Crenshaw and Sam Hertzler, seniors Thomas Coleman and Jason Hawkins, who were the top two candidates for king, and seniors Sophea Brandley and Paige Lacey, who were the top two candidates for queen. During the dance, Coleman and Brandley were crowned King and Queen.

“We decided to bring [the court] back because we felt like it would help with getting more people to participate in the homecoming activities. We also felt like it would raise school spirit just to get people more engaged in what we were doing and the things going on,” said STUCO advisor Bob McKitrick.

Most students enjoyed homecoming for various reasons, but everyone was excited to see their friends and dance the night away. Even though this year was similar to last year because we had a DJ, the music was better.

“I actually liked the music this year. It wasn’t bad, they actually played some pretty good music. There was also a lot of people this year especially our class, 2018,” said senior Easter Sailele.

“They had some good music but not the best. I liked how it was decorated, it was very welcoming,” said freshman Aliyah Williams.

“I enjoyed homecoming because I had a great time with my friends. We danced and sat and talked for awhile,” said Williams.

Students were expecting a little more at this years’ homecoming such as food and a photo booth but due to the new Parkway District food policy and last minute planning, it didn’t happen.

“The food fell victim to [the Parkway] food policy…but essentially I was personally told no. The photo booth was last minute so essentially since it was last minute we didn’t have all the equipment we would’ve needed to get that going is what I understood,” said McKitrick.

Because this homecoming was the first for freshmen and the last for seniors, everybody had different emotions for the night.

“When I walked in there, I felt very emotional because the years are going by fast and it’s my last year,” said Sailele.

Williams said that she felt “happy and excited, but anxious for next years’ dance.”

by Kayla Coleman, Side Dish Czar