Help for Handling Healthy Lifestyle

  • Managing homework, sports, and other extracurricular activities, students are finding it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. With a few alterations and a little planning, students can easily incorporate healthier options.
  • Although healthy foods are best for proper development, finding time to prepare healthier foods can be difficult. With vending machines and fast food, many students find it quicker and cheaper to eat unhealthy foods. “We are only at practice for two hours so that gives(track athletes) 22 hours to take care of their body. Planning ahead is key,” said track coach Jeff Kinney.
  • Fruit is a major source of vitamin C which is essential for rebuilding tissue. Strong body tissue is important for growing teenagers. With constant growth, tissue becomes worn, and healthy habits help structure tissues for long term strength.
  • Eating vegetables is important for the body to develop properly, especially during the growth process, ages 12-15 for boys and 10-15 for girls. To minimize time, vegetables can be prepackaged for on the go use.
  • Most meats are a large source of protein which is necessary for the body to maintain a strong muscle structure. Although meats are very good for health, too much can result in an excess of fats.
  • Water is the most important component in a balanced diet. For a healthier lifestyle, avoid sodas and sugary drinks. Water is vital to most athletes, “Since I run cross country and track, I try to eat as healthy as I can and drink a lot of water throughout the day,” said senior Lauren Steffin.
  • Eating well is very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but exercising is equally important to strengthen the body and cardiovascular system. “I enjoy running because I can feel my body improving. It makes me feel good about myself to be healthy,” said sophomore Aiden Petrofsky.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but incorporating these food groups and daily exercise will improve body image, development, and function.