Students Share How They Stay Healthy During Cold Months

Students at Parkway North engage in a game of volleyball during gym class to stay active. Playing games in the gym allows students to stay active during the winter.
Students at Parkway North engage in a game of volleyball during gym class to stay active. Playing games in the gym and at other indoor facilities allows students to stay active during the winter without going outside.

Since the cooler months are approaching, it’s time for students and staff to find ways to exercise and stay healthy throughout the fall and winter even though the darker and colder days may not motivate them to go outside.

Staying active is important for everyone and in order to do so, some students and staff members prefer indoor activities to help them stay fit.

“I play basketball and exercise inside. It’s really not that hard when you think about it,” said freshman Isaiah Neely.

In fact, there are many things to do at the school to stay active in the winter. Basketball, girls swimming, and boys wrestling are just some of the many ways to get involved and stay active at school.

“When it’s cold outside I don’t like to walk or run. I do cheer [in the winter]. It keeps me fit,” said freshman Tayler Dewey, who is also on the freshman cheerleading squad. “[It helps me] build muscle.”

Even though freshman Jalen Parker, who plays for the North football team, is no longer playing a sport, he still manages to stay fit at school. He said, “It’s harder to stay healthy in the winter because you are not playing a sport [outside]. I hit the weight room, I do squats, I bench press, all those types of stuff.”

Eating healthy can also become harder when there are less fresh foods available for people to choose from. People resort to eating whatever is available, and in the colder months, that’s usually packaged foods.

“In the winter, I don’t really eat that healthy,” said freshman Sarah Schenk, who is on the Vikettes. “I just sit on my couch and eat pizza.”

Almost 80% of high school students do not eat fruits and vegetables 5 or more times per day and even less when the fruits and vegetables are scarce during the colder months, says a study by the Division of Adolescent and School Health.   

However, Dewey eats vegetables all year around to make sure she’s receiving the proper nutrients to help her with her activities.

Neely also tries to stay healthy and eat right during the winter time. “I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I find things I like that usually keep me healthy,” said Neely.

Besides eating healthy and doing activities at school, staff and students may also participate in activities outside of school like going to a gym or taking a class. Indoor rock climbing, lazer tag, and playing at a trampoline park are also great ways to get exercise without going outside.

by Natasha Provinse, staff writer