NHS Carwash Fundraises Money for Charity

photo2                Last Saturday, Aug. 24, Parkway North’s National Honor Society hosted their first event of the year, their annual Fall carwash at Parkway North; the carwash raised $507.58, a record amount, for The BackStoppers Inc.

“We knew we wanted a Saint Louis founded organization, and BackStoppers helps the families of past safety workers in the community,” said NHS Treasurer senior Sydney Denlow, who organized the event.

The BackStoppers helps the families of police officers, firefighters, and publicly-funded paramedic’s or EMT’s killed while protecting Saint Louis communities. They help with financial obligations, schooling for children, financial counseling, and even give spouses $1000 to use at Christmas. 

 “It was a huge success,” said NHS sponsor Debbie Banashek-Twist.

The carwash was the first event for the chapter in the 2013-2014 school year and was run by seniors only, as the new members, consisting mostly of juniors, will be inducted in late September. 

 “I think that NHS is going to be great this year. We have a set of officers who are very organized and on top of things, we have good clear goals, and hopefully we’re going to get a good group of initiates next month,” said Banashek-Twist.

While half the members stood their posts ready with soapy sponges and hoses, the other half did their best to bring in customers.  They waved signs, danced, and collected donations on Fee Fee Rd.

“[Seniors] Jacob Harland and David Cheng danced and sang on the sidewalk to bring cars in from Fee Fee, which really helped us,” said Denlow.

The carwash itself also brought NHS members together by working with each other and having fun.

 “We had music playing, everybody was being helpful, and if something needed to be done someone was doing it. There were more than a few times that some of the guys initiated water fights, it was just a fun time,” Denlow said.

By: Chaney Cooper  Sports Editor