Meet Me in St. Louis: Staff, Students Share Free Activities Around Town

The end of summer does not mean no more free time to explore the city. St. Louis has lots of places to go on a nice day, and not all of them cost a lot of money. Many of St. Louis’ attractions are free to the public.

Forest Park has several free places to spend time on the weekends or on an early release day. Walking in the park and playing frisbee on Art Hill is popular during good weather, as well as sledding down the hill on snow days.

The St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park is free and a great place to spend a free day. The Art Museum currently is exhibiting Mark Rothko’s art as well as Brett Weston’s photography. They is also hosting exhibits highlighting Tibetan Buddhist art and art from the reign of Louis IX, from whom St. Louis gets its name.

The St. Louis History Museum is also located in Forest Park and currently is hosting an exhibit commemorating St. Louis’ 250th anniversary. This exhibit focuses on 50 people, 50 places, 50 images, 50 moments, and 50 objects that helped shape St. Louis. They also hosts free concerts every Tuesday night beginning at 6 p.m. until the end of September.

“I’m a social studies major, [so] I like seeing things I’m learning about,” said social studies student teacher Dan Funke.

For those who enjoy science, the St. Louis Science Center is connected to Forest Park and always has something to do. Although some exhibits and the Omnimax cost money, there are plenty of free activities to explore and experiments to complete at the Science Center. Every first Friday of the month, the Science Center offers free activities and Omnimax movies as well as telescope viewings. Oct. 3 features What Makes a Monster and Nov. 7 features The Science of Sherlock Holmes.

The Zoo, which is also in Forest Park, is a fun place to spend free time. It has a free general admission, but the Children’s Zoo and some exhibits do have an admission fee.

”If you go to the zoo two hours before they actually open, the merry-go-round and everything is free,” said sophomore Tawni Miranda. “The animals will come up to you and they think that you’re their feeder.”

Visiting the zoo can be fun, even when it’s hot outside. “Usually I like to stay in the penguins [exhibit] because its too hot outside,” said Miranda.

The Delmar Loop, which is close to Forest Park, not only has many restaurants and shops, but is also home to the St. Louis Walk of Fame. Sidewalks in the Loop contain stars and plaques dedicated to famous St. Louisans. Following the Walk of Fame is a way to not only have fun, but also learn about people from St. Louis.

By Lauren Sparks, Centerspread Editor

The St. Louis Art Museum offers free educational and cultural exhibits.
The St. Louis Art Museum offers free educational and cultural exhibits.