Incoming Freshman To Receive Chromebooks for Upcoming 2018-2019 School Year

Math teacher Lynn Elliot’s 7th block class uses Chromebooks as tools in the classroom. Starting next year freshmen will be able to take home these Chromebooks for easier in-class and at-home use.

Beginning in the fall of 2018, every incoming freshman will receive a Chromebook for in class and at home use as part of the Access Learning Today Project.

“In my opinion, it’s going to be good that they have a learning tool in front of them all the time. There’s also a lack of carrying textbooks because they can access textbooks online,” said technology specialist Gerry Fosdick.

The ALT provides tools to better students’ learning in and out of the classroom. This digital content includes Chromebooks, G Suite, Schoology, tablets, Hour of Code, and BrightBytes.

The ALT project started in elementary schools in 2016. It then was rolled out in the fall of 2017 with the 8th graders.

“The ALT Project was a collaborative decision made by educational leaders across the district,” said Jason Rooks, director of technology and innovation for the Parkway District.

The 2018 freshman class will have the Chromebooks for all four years of high school, but it is undecided on whether or not they will keep them permanently after they graduate.

“The intended use is to provide each student with access to digital learning opportunities,” said Rooks.

Planning for the specific deployment process for freshmen at each Parkway High School is still being decided.

“In general, students/parents will need to decide if they do or do not want insurance, register, and then receive their device. More detailed information will be available in the coming months.” said Rooks.

As the rollout of Chromebooks continues to all Parkway high schools in 2018, the goal of is for all students in grades 2-12 to have individual access by 2021.

“Performance wise, they can turn in assignments easier. It’s more efficient and on time with them,” said Fosdick.

Middle school students have benefited from more immediate access to digital resources with their Chromebooks and now no longer have to wait to go to computer labs. Students now have the power to decide when and where to use digital resources to support their learning.

“This year has gone very well at middle schools so far. We are excited to allow today’s 8th graders to continue the ALT Project next year in 9th grade,” said Rooks.

by Sereniti Wrancher, Writing Wizard