Parkway North Welcomes Foreign Students


Luigi standing in front of Parkway North letters
Luigi standing in front of Parkway North letters

Parkway North has been accepting foreign exchange students from different parts of the world. This year, North has six foreign exchange students from Japan, Denmark, Germany, France, and Italy. 

            Senior Luigi Morrone, who is from Italy, is looking forward to having a great semester here at North. “I’ve been in the USA for three weeks.  I enjoy it very much.  I like Americans because they are different, another culture.  Every day is a new experience,” said Morrone.

            Morrone is being hosted by the Schlobohm family.  Two years ago, the family hosted Jonas Budde from Germany, and they now look forward to this coming semester with Morrone.

            “We get as much out of it as they do.  You have to be a tour guide [for them],” said Mike Schlobohm. 

            Morrone has been having a slight difficulty dealing with fast talking teachers.  Since English is not his first language, he has a hard time understanding the teacher sometimes.  Jodie Schlobohm the host mother had to help Morrone one night since he couldn’t understand his homework.

            “Classes for me are very hard.  I spend a lot of hours doing homework,” said Morrone.  “I love American school; you have a lot of things like the soccer field, the football field, and the pool.  Sports are associated at school, in Italy no sports are at school.”

            Morrone also really like the teachers at North because they are very open to new students.

            “[The] teachers are trying to help me very much.  [The] teachers try to make you feel welcome.  In Italy, teachers and students are like enemies.  Here it is different,” said Morrone.

            Morrone loves sports here in the USA.  He is currently trying out for the North Soccer team.  He is also trying to learn about the many sports in the USA that are not in Europe.  So far, he really likes baseball.

            “Before I came, I never knew of baseball. I’m a huge Cardinals fan,” said Morrone.

            Morrone is looking forward to his first Cardinals game later this year, while also doing many other things around St. Louis like visiting the Arch and the Zoo.

By: Zack Becker Online Editor