Aug 28

PNH Reacts to New Food Policy

On June 16, 2017, the Parkway School District adopted a new food policy, stating “classrooms should be food free whenever possible” to help prevent allergic reactions. ”Students need to realize that what they do in public space affects others. Whatever [people] are eating, wearing, and saying affect others,” said math teacher Wendy Freebersyser. There has …

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Aug 24

North Welcomes Four New Staff Members For 2017-2018

  In May, 2017, Dr.Tori Cain was announced Parkway North High’s new head principal. Formerly, Dr. Cain was an assistant principal. This change in position left her assistant principal job vacant. Along with Cain, other former staff members either retired, transferred to a different school, or got promoted leaving vacancies in their positions. This year, …

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Aug 22

Solar Eclipse Brings Excitement, Unity to North

With glasses in hand, students and teachers from North High conversed anxiously on the on the football field awaiting the total eclipse. As 1:17 p.m. hit, shielded eyes looked toward the sky to see the event of century: the total eclipse. The total solar eclipse, when the Moon fully blocks the Sun, took place on …

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May 22

Varsity Water Polo Team Places 10th at the End of the Season

As the school year comes to an end, the water polo season does too. Going from continuous losses to a great comeback, the varsity water polo team placed 10th at the end of the season. “We started off doing terrible with seven losses. But towards the middle of the season, we started to do well …

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May 18

Spring Choir Concert Celebrates Graduating Seniors

On Wednesday, May 3, the choir had its spring concert. The concert was a time to celebrate the end of a year, as well as honor departing seniors.The concert, held in the upper gym, was a time to honor departing seniors who have spent up to four years in the choir, as well as celebrate …

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May 16

North Students Share Ways to Earn Money in High School

Most North High School students have a fairly common approach to making money: work at a restaurant, in retail, or help out at home and get paid via allowance. These are all classic ways for any teenager to earn money; however, today there’s a lot more opportunities to make money, and maybe not in the …

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May 16

French Students Learn About Politics Through Election

  In times of international concern, it can often be intimidating for people to educate themselves about the issues that are occurring around the world. The events that take place in different places can, many times, be daunting to look at, especially if they require understanding the complexity of another country’s political system. During the …

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May 12

North Introduces ACT Prep Classes For Eligible Juniors in the Fall

With the ACT carrying pressures such as getting into one’s dream school and earning scholarships, many students seek out tutors and prep courses to help them prepare for the test. While beneficial, many of these avenues are costly and are done in conjunction with everyday school work. In an effort to alleviate some of this …

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May 10

Moroccan Nights: Parkway North Throws Moroccan Themed Prom on May 6

The hair, makeup, dress, tuxedos, and flowers. Students at Parkway North spent lots of money to celebrate prom night on May 6 at the Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel. “I did spend a lot of money. I had to have a deposit down for my dress, the deposit was like $200 and the other half of …

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May 02

Freshman Jalen Powell Participates in Prestigious YPCO at Webster University

“The mission of YPCO [Young People’s Concert Orchestra] and the other orchestras and ensembles at the Community Music School is to give students the opportunity to enhance their musicianship and skills beyond individual performance and to support the education process in school music programs,” said Travis Herd, the Orchestra and Ensembles Representative at the Community …

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