Mar 05

Parkway North Students Start New Club to Help Local Orphanages

In the beginning of second semester, sophomores Erin Armstrong, Hiran Bommireddipally, Helen Oh, and Adya Dave started a club called Kids4Kids. The club, sponsored by math teacher Michelle Goetz, has meetings after school in Goetz’s class. The main goal of the club is to help and meet with children in orphanages. “We wanted to take …

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Feb 25

Two Parkway North Students Earn Recognition at Area Art Show

Two Parkway North seniors, Danny McGinnist and Danny Cohen were recently recognized for their art entered in the St. Louis Community College High School Art Exhibition, which happened Jan. 13 at Florissant Valley Community College. A first time entry in an art show for both of the boys, McGinnist won Best of Show while Cohen …

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Feb 21

2014 Winter Olympics Begin to Come to a Close

The 2014 Winter Olympics started on Feb. 7 in Sochi, Russia. The American team has won 25 medals so far, eight of which are gold. One athlete has been in the spotlight at the Winter Olympics since he won a gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. Shaun White, professional snowboarder, specializes …

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Feb 19

Parkway North Students Start a New BBC Club

British Broadcasting Company of America has taken over cable. At Parkway North, students have begun a new BBC club where students can discuss the shows that they enjoy. “We like to talk about various shows; we talk about how certain things were done in them,” said vice president of BBC Club sophomore Kyra Derington. Finding …

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Feb 13

Peer Teachers at Northeast; Teach Temptations of Alcohol, Drugs

Drugs. Alcohol. Peer pressure. Through high school, students face temptations that lead them off of the right path. Peer teaching is sending members to Northeast Middle School to warn the students of these dangers and teach them how to say no before they get to high school.   “It sounds cliché, but this is such …

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Feb 11

New Ping Pong Club at North Finds Success

Ping pong, or table tennis, as it is commonly known, is a fast growing sport accessible to people of all ages and athletic abilities. This year, Parkway North is joining this craze by starting its first Ping Pong club in December. The idea of the club has been in the works by its founders for …

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Feb 03

Mock Trial Wins Round One

On Jan 28, the Parkway North Mock Trial team competed in its first round of trials against various different schools at the St. Louis County Courthouse. Although not all the groups came out on top, three out of the four teams won their trials with a perfect record.             “I think our teams were very …

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Feb 03

Parkway North’s Men’s Wrestling and Girl’s Track Teams Look for Ways to Fundraise

In an effort to raise money for new equipment, trips, and other items, sports teams resort to fundraisers to earn extra money. Two such teams are Parkway North’s wrestling team and girls track team. “I think [fundraising] has become a necessity because it’s expensive to continue to buy equipment and uniforms,” said athletic director Kris Kellams. …

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Jan 30

Students Attend Classes at South Technical High School

        While the majority of high school students are still thinking about what they want to do after graduation, South Tech students are practicing skills for their career by attending one class every day that provides hands-on experience for what they’ll actually be doing out of high school.         “It’s a high school where kids can …

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Jan 24

School Start Times

               Have you ever slept in on accident on a school day because you were up late?  Have you ever accidentally fallen asleep during class?  Either because you went to bed late or just couldn’t sleep?  It is all related to a teen’s bodies Circadian Sleep Rhythm. Teenagers on average fall asleep later in the …

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