Meet Freshman Nevan Garner

What is the worst music genre?

“Definitely country.”

What is your favorite month?

“September. That’s when my birthday is.”

If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would it be?

“Probably just a dog.”

If you were to dye your hair, what color would you dye it?


What is your favorite soda?

“Dr. Pepper.”

What is the best kids’ show?

“Spongebob Squarepants.”

What is the worst thing about high school?

“All the work. The homework is too much and I end up just procrastinating.”

Would you rather ice skate or rollerblade?

“Ice skate. I just like cool weather and it feels better because I won’t get too hot.”

What is your favorite breakfast food?

“Eggs. I like them cooked any way.”

What are the best and worst pizza toppings?

“The best is ham, sausage, and pineapple. The worst is mushrooms, anchovies, and olives.”

Sagar Samuel, Personality Perfectionist